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About Us

Payal Mehta
is a Feng Shui Consultant  in Primag Feng Shui Consulting, a California based consulting practice.

Ms Mehta has devoted her life to the study and practice of Traditional Feng Shui because of its dramatic improvements in her life.

She is a graduate in Traditional Feng Shui from American Feng Shui Institute, California. They offer the most comprehensive training of Feng Shui in America under the guidance of Master Larry Sang, founder of the American Feng Shui Institute, is one of the most influential practitioners in the philosophy and teachings of Feng Shui.

Stop swimming upstream and experience compassionate energy in your environment

Payal Mehta's expertise is unmatched at helping clients create surroundings that will support their aesthetic and personal goals. She helps her clients create environments which support, nurture and inspire their professional and personal lives. 

Clients turn to Payal Mehta to increase energy, improve flow and create peaceful and stress free environments. Payal Mehta professionalism, expertise and warm personality have earned her a large client base in the South Bay Area, California, where she practices.

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She is also the publisher of our Free monthly E-zine "Crystal Lotus"-Feng Shui in simple words".� 

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