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Apart from all the personal needs I got a new direction to think. A Positive approach towards life. -- Ms. Rehana

All was well but... This BUT makes all the difference.

Actually now I know the difference of "All was well" then & now. Then according to me all was well. But still something thing or the other was unwell. It was not kind of balanced.

Infact to start with I had no idea what is all well & what exactly I want, to make my house complete.

Apart from all the personal needs I got a new direction to think. A Positive approach towards life. Before I was very confused, very tensed, very stressed...all the words, which we can think of. After approaching the consultant Ms. Payal, all was set right. I was little hesitant in the beginning but days passed and I could really see the results.

One thing I would like to add and that is about the consultant, Payal. She is too good. She is the perfect lady anybody could ever think of in times of trouble. She will definitely give the remedy, which works like a miracle. But talking to her about our problem itself eases our 50% of stress. I just love her. She is so young but so matured and so practical with her work. Many times she is like my mom. She is a person whom we can rely upon.

Definitely Feng Shui has changed my life. Now I can say. Everything is really ALL WELL. Our friends who visit us also say, �your house looks so perfect", they can feel the energy in the house. The relationship between my family & me has been so intense...within the family. We all r really happy now...because of Feng Shui done in the house.

A Big Fat Thank you.


You have helped our lives and made a difference -- Sharma & family

We had some issues in our lives. Things were not happening as we wanted them. We also had arguments between us. Health was a also a problem.

You did detailed analysis & your professional report taught us things that were not set up correctly. You also gave us the rearrangement plans. We rearranged the whole home according to your suggestions and the results were felt within few days. 

Our home now feels so quaint and peaceful. Also our problems seems to have eased and our health is in a better shape. 

Overall we both feel that you have helped our lives and made a difference. 

Thanks to you.


Payal Mehta blends her passion for Feng Shui naturally into the decor -- Ms. Bhuvana

All was well until we moved to our new home a few months back. Somehow things were not quite right, as I used to get sick often and lacked self esteem, my husband had problems with his co-workers and was never satisfied with his job. To make the story short, we were merely pulling ourselves in life until one of my friends suggested me to seek help from Payal Mehta.

I spoke to her and explained about my problems. She came home and analyzed the pros and cons of our space and suggested changes to be done. I was skeptical that she might ask me to put all red tassels through out the house but that's a big no from her side. Her professional approach is in a such a way that she would work with whatever you already possess. Payal Mehta blends her passion for Feng Shui naturally into the decor.

After we rearranged the house according to her advises, life has taken a big turn, our savings has increased, my husband found a new job with which he is satisfied, I am planning to start a business of my own soon and our social life has taken a big boom. Life is so much fun now. I owe my current time to Payal. 


We are extremely happy with the changes -- Dwarka's

Payal Mehta's suggestions were invaluable in creating a beautiful, supportive environment for our family. Guests to our house always comment on how comfortable and good vibe our home has. We are extremely happy with the changes that we have seen after her consultation.


I sleep like a baby -- Mr. Hari

I have heard many people seek help of Feng Shui to increase their wealth or improve their relationship and so on but I called up Payal Mehta for only one reason---lack of sleep. Sounds strange but not for Payal. Her first word was "don't worry you can sleep as a baby soon". Initially, I chuckled. But today after I did all the changes in the bedroom as per her professional report, I sleep like a baby and wake up as fresh as a flower in the morning.